Ecommerce platform for large companies

Large companies must be able to develop their ecommerce on a platform that caters to specific business needs and adapt to business standards and objectives. Numerous factors should be considered before choosing a system or switching to a new tool. With easycommerce® large companies have a perfect ally to expand, increase and improve their online business.

In the current digital climate 9 out of 10 large companies consider their digital transformation as a priority. The key to obtaining a successful online business is to develop an ecommerce that is truly customer centric. That is exactly what easycommerce® offers - an omnichannel and multiple possibilities of personalization.. easycommerce® provides large companies with all the e-instruments necessary for the creation, administration, management, and development of the digital business.



The internationalization of ecommerce is a necessary step for the present and future of ecommerce. With easycommerce® you can make it happen! Consumers discover a world of innovative solutions for their purchases and new store options by going online and simply using Internet on their devices.

Our platform is an internationalized tool capable of interacting with multiple languages, different currencies and countries which makes it an excellent option to efficiently solve all integrations for collections, taxes, and shipments.

With easycommerce® you are able to provide such a seamless purchase process for your customers that they hardly notice if a purchase is made in their own country or if a product is sent from a different country. Your business retail and wholesale are covered by our platform of comprehensive and scalable solutions.


easycommerce® is not only an ecommerce platform but also a business solution. In addition to adapting to your business needs easycommerce® works to further enhance your operations thanks to all the functionalities provided. This allows your company to be present in all the sales channels available on the market.

easycommerce® platform tool permits drawing in new customers as well as retaining the existing ones by offering the best personalized shopping experience in all your sales channels. This powerful platform enables continuous transactions for a unique digital experience from any device. Below are some examples of the functionalities available for your potential business needs:

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It is one of the most competitive transactional ecommerce solutions in both the retail and wholesale distribution processes. A tool that adapts to any large enterprise and operates to facilitate customer loyalty and satisfaction.

You can manage both your content and ecommerce platform transactions with an option of viewing in different formats. Ability to integrate with any tool used for a multi-channel customer service. We will provide you with a unique website structured with a focus on SEO and SEM for Internet search engines. You will also have a comprehensive catalogue management option for your articles as well as a possibility of managing and monitoring all customers.

You will be able to run data analysis of your business in real time by simply visualizing and managing information provided by the platform.You will enjoy Business Analytics Dashboards with easy-to-understand data and interactive elements to compile information and provide it to other business users in the company where needed.