Ecommerce platform for multinationals

Digital economy is developing at a high speed and knows no borders. On the one hand this leads to obtaining a greater number of potential customers for multinational companies. On the other hand it means participating in a fierce market with more competitors every day. That is why it is important to have a platform like easycommerce® that offers a robust, efficient, and powerful structure to internationalize your online business.

Multinationals require a constant and rapid adaptation of their ecommerce, simultaneously updating the structure, processes, products, and services. Our platform tool specifically adjusted to international companies’ needs allows for an exponential growth in ecommerce which becomes a strong advantage when accessing markets internationally.



easycommerce® is an agile and flexible technology solution that helps place multinational companies at the forefront of global sales and customer base development.

The platform will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors strengthening your international presence with a powerful ecommerce tool based on business intelligence. The platform’s collection and analysis of data will allow you to evaluate your business at all times and strategize based on accurate information.

We offer you a powerful and efficient tool with agile purchasing processes for your online business as well as simple and quick online experience for your customers. We make it easily manageable for you. Accelerate the digital transformation of your company with an ecommerce platform that will expand your business to all your sales channels with an optimal experience for consumers. Integration of all wholesale and retail sales channels that your business needs via a single order management system.


easycommerce® is a platform for ecommerce that adapts to your business needs unifying and enhancing all the sales channels available to your company.

Thanks to a variety of functionalities on this platform you will obtain a unique vision of your customer base in all sales channels (history, interests, and abandonments) to be able to improve your business from the start. It also adapts to any company size and industrial sector turning any limitation into an advantage point for the business.

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At present our world experiences exponential growth in digital market transactions and this requires offering personalized, detail oriented and user-friendly customer service. Multinational companies must be ready to provide solutions to a wide variety of arising issues while treating clients with empathy and efficiency in order to guarantee customer loyalty and satisfaction.

easycommerce® offers an effective tool for client management and customer/contacts follow-ups. Our platform seamlessly integrates with multiple applications including WhatsApp, social media messengers, CRM, text messages, emails, website forms, among others. This integration allows international companies to provide a unified, quick, and organized response to all questions made by existing consumers and potential customers.

The platform will also give your business an option to create customer profiles aiming at sending information of interest in a segmented way. Create groups, distribution lists, campaigns and promotions personalized by interests and customer categories.